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Kitty Jung
Best in Town/World Rosa knows the science behind skin care because she takes the time to invest in her knowledge via training and research. She doesn't just rub some goop our your face and send you on your way. I thought I knew a lot about skincare but I learn something new each visit. Thanks Rosa for your professionalism and deep knowledge.
Nicole F
Rosa is the best around I love coming to see Rosa for my facials. she is so sweet and really knows her job/products. Rosa's main concern is your skin and your progress! You can tell she really does this with passion. The spray tans are affordable and never ORANGE! Her office is very quiet and private . I love coming to see her!
Rebecca K
Rosa is Amazing!!! It is always a calm and relaxing experience with Rosa. She is a very knowledgable and caring person! Rosa is amazing and I always recommend her to all of my friends!
Terri H
EXCELLENT SERVICE my co workers told me about Porefection I had the spray glow tan and I loved it it was quick and the color was perfect ... thank you Rosa I have continued to go to Porefection because of the great service I receive:)))
Claudia W
Great Tan I'm in Kauai and have a good base with color and can build from there. It's so nice to have that and look tan without the burn.
Mark B
Results, Results, Results I was convinced by my wife to make an appointment at Profection after a disscusion about my facial skin condition. I have worked in commercial construction for over 30 years so you can imagine, but also had scar tissue on my nose and left cheek from an accident 25 years ago. On the initial visit Rosa applied a facial scrub and evaluated my skin,and took "before" pics. Then on the next visit rosa gave me a Skin Classic procedure. In the next few weeks my family and freinds could not beleive the change. I went back for a follow up vist with Rosa and she took "after" pics and showed me the difference. It was incredible. Rosa makes you feel very comfortable and explains each step in laymans terms easy to understand. She stays on top of her profession and has all the state of art tech stuff. You will see Results!!
Lauren O
facial Rosa always has time to share new products and new ideas! She is always on time, her office is peaceful and Rosa is up to date on current technology!
Misty H
Best Salon!! Rosa at Porefection has always provided great services, great prices and always the exact treatment I have needed. I have had various treatments from Micro current treaments, infrared treatments, facials and spray tans. I would recommend her to all my friends!
J. R.
The Skin Classic works! I came in for The Skin Classic to zap my ugly broken capillaries and a couple unsightly moles! It totally works! My scabs have fallen off and the skin is so smooth and healing nicely. I will be back for another Skin Classic to get rid of some other moles. Rosa is amazing. A true professional. Can't wait to try a skin peel.
Shari M
An amazing compliment It has been 10 months since my last visit to the RN whom I have seen occasionally for the last three years for dermal fillers and botox. As I walked into the exam room she asked what I had been doing as my complexion had never looked more radiant and even toned. I told her I continued to use my Clarsonic and had been receiving microcurrent treatments with a new young professional who came to me with a high recommendation. The RN looked closer and asked if I also had a laser treatment or a chemical peel. She remains in disbelief..... and I will continue to enjoy the magic that is Rosa!
Thumbs up to Porefection Rosa was very knowledgeable and personable. You can tell she enjoys her job and takes care of her customers. I would definitely go back for another facial!
Oasis I have been to Porfections twice now while visiting Reno, and I am hooked. I really appreciate the facility of the on-line scheduling as I frequently only remember upcoming events or conflicts after hours. It's rarely too late to make a change. Rosa is a knowledgeable and conscientious aesthetician dedicated to enlightening all about their skin issues - no smoke and mirrors, secrets or condescension here. Her technique is compassionate, confident and reassuring. The office is a wonderful surprise. It is easy to reach, and when you walk in, it's like you found a magic door. It is clinically clean so you immediately lose that whole fear group. The earth tones and ambient music combined with her professionalism allow you to relax and reap the full benefit of your experience. I will be back to Reno in the fall, and Porefections is on my list. Thank you Rosa, for teaching me what a great experience this can be.
Rosa's the best! She was amazing during my waxing. Calm, gentle and engaging. she's definitely now my go-to person.
Kathrynn B
express facial-fantastic! I purchased an express facial through I went online to make the appointment it was very simple and easy to do. The day of my facial I had a little trouble finding the location but with one quick call was given very simple directions. Upon arriving the location was not what I had expected, but soon found this to be an advantage. the room was quiet clean and very relaxing. I was greeted by a very friendly and personable young woman. she asked me a few questions explain to me how the facial with work and we got right into it. It took about 30 to 45 minutes. as she worked we chit chatted and she explain to me what each process was for she also gave me a very good tips to use at home to improve my skin. When I left my skin felt very clean, exfoliated and fresh. I also noticed a week later my skin was not as broken out as it normally tends to be. I would recommend this business the owner is friendly, personable , and very skilled in her profession.
Madeleine B
BattleBorn CrossFit I had my first facial with Rosa. It was a great experience! So relaxing! I would recommend Porefection without hesitation. Rosa is very professional and provides an excellent service.
Karen M
Excellent!!! I had the best service in Porefection, it was a wonderful experience. I've notice a big change in my skin since my first appointment and can't wait to come back.
Christina C
facial Great, Relaxing experience.
Wonderful first impression There is no better way to start a relationship than with a positive first impression. Well done my 5 star lady!
Diana H
Ahhhhhhh..... Since I have had quite a few facials in my life I can honestly say this is not your regular facial. Mostly it is a session in full cellular pleasure. I learned my 50 something face still has quite a bit of vavoom in it after a session at Porefection! I'm going back!!!
Cwen C
Wonderful I had a facial, it was the one of the best. I truly recommend.
Jana N
Excellent service Will recommend to all my waxing friends!! Very comfortable with Rosa
Rosa is great! I had a facial done last week and it was great. Rosa is comfortable with all skin types. I haven't had such glowing skin in years. The only con is she is a little hard to find.
Dottie S
Facial First facial ever and what an awesome experience. Rosa took her time and explained everything. The room decor and music were so soothing I almost fell asleep. My face felt like baby skin when she was done. And the neck and shoulder massage.... WOW!!! I look forward to my next session!!
Royal Treatment My facial at Porefection was more like a staycation, rather than just a facial! I felt like I went on a visit to a tropical rainforest that left my face drenched with moisture! I also left feeling rejuvenated & pampered! I would recommend Porefection to anyone who wants a getaway, but only has a lunch hour to spare! Thank you Rosa, for your professional advice as well & for the wonderful line of products you use, I truly felt like royalty & appreciated the treatment in every way!
Shawna R
Best and most informational facial I've EVER had!! I went for a facial & received my money's worth and then some! She gave me lots of tips for my skin. I've NEVER enjoyed a facial more!! Thank you it was wonderful!!
Gina M
Great experience!! This was my first time getting a facial, and WOW did it set the standard! I never expected to get a personalised skin carecare treatment plan and I really appreciated that she took the time to teach me. The detail and professionalism was amazing and made me feel very well cared for. The best part was the facial neck and sholder massage. It was fantastic and I can't believe I never had this done before! I would highly reccommend porfection. It was really a great first experience!
Margie M
Pumpkin facial Rosa is a very good estetician as well as a nice person. I had a pleasant experience and would return for future services.
Sheerna L
HighLy Recommended!!! I highly recommend Rosa of Porefection to anyone who wants to take care of their skin. She is nice and friendly. Her amenities is outstanding. My facial was exceptional and beyond my expectations! Im sure, one of the best facials Ive ever had. I look forward of coming back in the future. Thank you Rosa will definitely see you again :)
Tamara L
Amazing!! Incredible knowledge, great touch. Makes past facials pale in comparison.
Christina G
sweet smart knowledge Rosa knows her stuff has great products and makes you feel. special .
Catherine Vallance
Visia Skin Analysis Rosa is great and is so knowledgeable and provides wonderful products and services. I will definitely go back to her again and will recommend her to other people!